PMP Basketball Saturday Skills Clinic

PMP Basketball Clinic is your opportunity to perfect your skills every weekend in a positive environment with attentive coaches. Each two hour session is composed of specialized drills designed to strengthen your skills and improve your confidence.  PMP strives to give you the personalized attention and evaluation you need to reach the next level of your game.

2 Skills Sessions on each Saturday Clinic

•  Early Morning Session (8:30-10:30 am)
•  For Beginning / Intermediate Skill Level
•  Boys & Girls Ages 5-10

•  Late Morning Session (11:00am-1:00pm)
•  Intermediate and Advanced Skill Level
•  Boys & Girls Ages 8-17

2013 Clinic Days

We have 4 days in each series.

•  Nov 16 Cancelled

•  Nov 23

  1. Nov 30

  2. Dec 7

  3. Dec 14, special schedule below

        1:00pm-3:00pm Beginning /Intermediate

        3:00pm-5:00pm Intermediate / Advanced

Pick dates that fit your schedule

Tuition Rate Plans   Refund Policy

Each 1 week enrollment: $25.00

Register for Saturday Skills Clinic (Pay by Check or Credit)

Location, location, location

  1. Mayfield Sr School, 500 Bellefontaine St. Pasadena
    •  Campus Security
    •  On-site Parking (Free)